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Chapter 32-04

Specific Relief
Section Section Name
32-04-01 When specific relief given
32-04-02 How specific relief given
32-04-03 Specific relief not given to enforce penal law
32-04-04 Method of recovering real property
32-04-05 Method of recovering personal property
32-04-06 Specific delivery of personal property compellable
32-04-07 When specific performance compelled
32-04-08 Remedy of specific performance must be mutual
32-04-09 Presumption as to relief for not transferring property
32-04-10 Specific performance compelled though contract signed only by one
32-04-11 Contracts compelled though penalty imposed or damages liquidated
32-04-12 What obligations cannot be enforced specifically
32-04-13 When specific performance cannot be enforced against one
32-04-14 When specific performance cannot be enforced in favor of one
32-04-15 Effect of imperfect title
32-04-16 When enforced against subsequent holder
32-04-17 Revision of contract for fraud or mistake
32-04-18 Intention to make equitable agreement presumed
32-04-19 Court may inquire what instrument was intended to mean
32-04-20 Contract first revised then enforced
32-04-21 When rescission of contract adjudged
32-04-22 Rescission not adjudged for mere mistake
32-04-23 Compensation may be required
32-04-24 When cancellation of instrument adjudged
32-04-25 Partial cancellation

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