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Chapter 32-03

Damages and Compensatory Relief
Section Section Name
32-03-01 Damages for any injury
32-03-02 Detriment defined
32-03-03 Damages resulting after action commenced
32-03-04 Interest on damages
32-03-05 When interest in discretion of court or jury
32-03-06 When accepting principal waives interest
32-03-07 When court or jury may give exemplary damages
32-03-08 When minor or incompetent subjected to exemplary damages
32-03-09 Measure of damages for breach of contract ‑ Damages must be certain
32-03-09.1 Measure of damages for injury to property not arising from contract
32-03-09.2 Liability for willful damages to property
32-03-10 Damages for breach of obligation to pay money
32-03-11 Damages for breach of covenants in grants
32-03-12 Damages for breach of covenant against encumbrances
32-03-13 Damages for breach of agreement to convey realty
32-03-14 Damages for breach of agreement to buy realty
32-03-15 Damages for breach of carrier's obligation to accept freight, messages, or passengers
32-03-16 Damages for breach of carrier's obligation to deliver freight
32-03-17 Damages for carrier's delay
32-03-18 Damages for breach of warranty of agent's authority
32-03-19 Damages for breach of promise to marry
32-03-20 Measure of damages for tort
32-03-21 Damages for wrongful occupation of realty
32-03-22 Damages for willful detention of realty
32-03-23 Damages for conversion of personalty
32-03-24 Presumption of damages cannot be repelled
32-03-25 Damages recoverable by lienholder
32-03-26 Damages for seduction
32-03-27 Damages for tenant's failure to surrender premises
32-03-28 Damages for tenant's willful holding over
32-03-29 Damages for forcible exclusion from realty
32-03-30 Damages for wrongful injuries to timber
32-03-31 What value of property to seller deemed to be
32-03-32 What value of property to buyer or owner deemed to be
32-03-33 When peculiar value to person deemed value
32-03-34 Value of title papers
32-03-35 Damages prescribed by this chapter exclude exemplary damages
32-03-36 Recovery not more than gained by performance
32-03-37 Damages must be reasonable
32-03-38 Nominal damages
32-03-39 Parental responsibility for minor children ‑ Recovery limitations
32-03-40 Emergency treatment by firemen, policemen, or peace officers
32-03-41 Immunity for mitigating hazardous materials discharge ‑ Exceptions
32-03-42 Limited liability for gratuitous health care provided amateur athletes
32-03-43 Wrongful life action prohibited ‑ Definition
32-03-44 Immunity of officers, directors, and trustees of nonprofit organizations
32-03-45 Immunity of volunteers providing services for nonprofit organizations
32-03-46 Immunity of volunteer athletic coaches and officials
32-03-47 Definitions ‑ Voluntary engineering services ‑ Immunity
32-03-48 Definitions (Effective through August 31, 2022)
32-03-49 Immunity from liability
32-03-50 Confidentiality of critical incident stress management team proceedings and records
32-03-51 Limited liability of owner or operator of railroad
32-03-52 Damages for fraudulent use of social security number ‑ Attorney's fees
32-03-53 Damage or destruction of crops, livestock, or commodities ‑ Damages
32-03-54 Limited liability ‑ Firearms
32-03-55 Immunity for report of suspected exploitation of disabled or vulnerable elderly adult
32-03-56 Immunity for theft of anhydrous ammonia
32-03-57 Liquefied petroleum gas dealers immunity from civil liability
32-03-58 Distribution of intimate images without or against consent ‑ Remedies

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