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Chapter 32-01

General Provisions
Section Section Name
32-01-01 Remedies ‑ Classification
32-01-02 Action defined
32-01-03 Actions ‑ Classification
32-01-04 Special proceeding defined
32-01-05 Criminal action defined
32-01-06 Civil action defined
32-01-07 Process in civil action
32-01-08 Civil and criminal remedies not merged
32-01-09 Civil action ‑ One form ‑ Plaintiff and defendant defined
32-01-10 Provisional remedies classified
32-01-11 Compensation for violation of private rights ‑ Other relief, when
32-01-12 Conditions of relief from forfeiture
32-01-13 How special issues not made by pleadings are tried

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