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Chapter 27-23

Judicial Conduct Commission
Section Section Name
27-23-01 Definitions
27-23-02 Creation and composition of commission, terms of office, appointment, and powers
27-23-03 Other powers
27-23-04 Cooperation with, and assistance and information to, commission
27-23-05 Duty of sheriffs and police officers to serve process and execute orders of commission
27-23-06 General powers of commission, hearing panel, and disciplinary counsel
27-23-07 Process extends to all parts of state
27-23-08 Petition for order compelling person to attend or testify or produce writings or things ‑ Service of order to appear before court ‑ Order to appear before commission or hearing panel ‑ Contempt
27-23-09 Deposition
27-23-10 Fees and mileage of witnesses
27-23-11 Costs
27-23-12 Commission budget

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