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Chapter 27-21

Division of Juvenile Services
Section Section Name
27-21-00.1 Definitions
27-21-01 Creation of division of juvenile services ‑ Director
27-21-02 Division of juvenile services ‑ Powers and duties
27-21-02.1 Placement procedures
27-21-03 Temporary care
27-21-04 Creation of state youth authority advisory board ‑ Members ‑ Meetings ‑ Powers and duties
27-21-05 Division of juvenile services to report to the committing juvenile court
27-21-06 Division of juvenile services to contract with facilities in other states for care
27-21-07 Report by caretaker to division of juvenile services
27-21-08 Planning ‑ Development
27-21-09 Cooperation with other agencies and departments of the state ‑ Right to inspect facilities of state institutions ‑ Right to examine children
27-21-10 Cooperation with federal agencies and departments
27-21-11 Transfer of students from the North Dakota youth correctional center to other institutions
27-21-12 Division of juvenile services files and records confidentiality

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