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Chapter 27-20.3

Child Welfare
Section Section Name
27-20.3-01 Definitions (Effective through August 31, 2022)
27-20.3-02 Jurisdiction
27-20.3-03 Venue
27-20.3-04 Powers and duties of director of juvenile court
27-20.3-05 Method of making a child in need of services referral (Effective through July 31, 2022)
27-20.3-06 Taking into protective custody
27-20.3-07 Shelter care of child
27-20.3-08 Release or delivery to court
27-20.3-09 Place of shelter care
27-20.3-10 Release from shelter care ‑ Hearing ‑ Conditions of release
27-20.3-11 Diversion
27-20.3-12 Petition ‑ Who may prepare and file ‑ Review
27-20.3-13 Conduct of child in need of protection hearings
27-20.3-14 Adjudication
27-20.3-15 Disposition of a child in need of protection
27-20.3-16 Disposition of child needing continued foster care services (Effective through August 31, 2022)
27-20.3-17 Human service zone to report to committing juvenile court
27-20.3-18 Reasonable efforts to prevent removal or to reunify ‑ When required
27-20.3-19 Indian child welfare ‑ Active efforts and procedures
27-20.3-20 Termination of parental rights
27-20.3-21 Petition for termination of parental rights (Effective through August 31, 2022)
27-20.3-22 Proceeding for termination of parental rights
27-20.3-23 Effect of order terminating parental rights or appointing a legal guardian
27-20.3-24 Disposition upon termination of parental rights
27-20.3-25 Court order required for removal of child
27-20.3-26 Limitations of time on orders of disposition

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