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Chapter 27-13

Conduct of Attorneys
Section Section Name
27-13-01 Duties of attorneys
27-13-02 Powers of attorneys
27-13-03 Attorney not to be surety
27-13-04 Court may require proof of attorney's authority ‑ Proceedings stayed until proof furnished
27-13-05 Attorney's refusal to deliver client's money or property ‑ Penalty
27-13-06 Attorney's withholding of client's money or property under alleged lien unlawful if bond furnished
27-13-07 Attorney's refusal to deliver client's money or property not unlawful if attorney furnishes a bond
27-13-08 Misconduct of attorney ‑ Penalty ‑ Treble civil damages forfeited
27-13-09 Permitting use of or making use of attorney's name unlawful ‑ Penalty
27-13-10 When use of attorney's name permissible
27-13-11 Partner of public prosecutor not to aid defense ‑ Penalty
27-13-12 Attorney not to aid defense when formerly interested as public prosecutor ‑ Penalty
27-13-13 Public prosecutors or partners thereof may defend themselves in criminal or civil actions
27-13-14 Attorney for attorney fiduciary required ‑ Exception

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