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Chapter 27-11

Admission to Bar
Section Section Name
27-11-01 Practicing law and serving on courts of record without certificate of admission and without payment of annual license fee prohibited ‑ Penalty
27-11-02 Power to admit vested in the supreme court
27-11-03 Qualifications of applicants for admission to practice law
27-11-03.1 Conviction not bar to certification ‑ Exceptions
27-11-04 Attorney's certificate of clerkship
27-11-05 Applicants for admission to bar to be examined by state bar board ‑ Exception
27-11-06 State board of law examiners established ‑ Appointment and qualifications of board members
27-11-07 Oath of member of state board of law examiners
27-11-08 Terms and removal of members of state board of law examiners
27-11-09 Filling vacancies on state board of law examiners
27-11-10 Officers of state board of law examiners
27-11-11 Compensation of members of state board of law examiners
27-11-12 Compensation of secretary‑treasurer of state board of law examiners
27-11-13 Powers of state board of law examiners
27-11-14 Payment of compensation and expenditures of state board of law examiners
27-11-15 Records to be kept by state board of law examiners
27-11-16 Examinations for admission to bar conducted by state bar board ‑ Nature of examinations
27-11-17 Fee payable by all applicants for admission to bar ‑ Disposition of fees
27-11-18 Board to report results of examinations and recommendations to supreme court
27-11-19 Supreme court to order issuance of certificate of admission
27-11-20 Oath and pledge to be taken by applicants admitted to the bar
27-11-21 Certificate of admission ‑ When issued ‑ Contents
27-11-22 Annual licenses to practice law and to serve on certain courts ‑ Requirement ‑ Issuance ‑ Fees
27-11-23 Fees from annual licenses to be deposited in state bar fund
27-11-24 Expenditure of state bar fund
27-11-25 Attorneys admitted in other states admitted without examination
27-11-26 Procedure and proof required for admission without examination
27-11-27 When foreign attorneys may practice in this state

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