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Chapter 27-10

Section Section Name
27-10-01 Acts punishable as criminal contempts by courts of record
27-10-01.1 Definitions
27-10-01.2 Power of court to punish for contempt of court
27-10-01.3 Nonsummary procedure for remedial and punitive sanctions ‑ Joint hearing and trial ‑ Summary procedure ‑ Appeal
27-10-01.4 Remedial sanctions ‑ Punitive sanctions for nonsummary and summary procedure ‑ Past conduct
27-10-02 Penalty for criminal contempt
27-10-03 Acts punishable as civil contempts
27-10-04 Penalty for civil contempt ‑ When party injured indemnified instead of fine being imposed
27-10-05 Corporations subject to fines
27-10-06 Contempt committed in presence of judge punishable summarily ‑ Order imposing punishment
27-10-07 Order to show cause or warrant of attachment for contempt not committed in presence of judge
27-10-08 Nature of proceedings upon order to show cause or warrant of attachment for contempt
27-10-09 Papers to be served on person arrested for contempt
27-10-10 Amount of undertaking for appearance of accused may be fixed and endorsed on warrant by judge
27-10-11 Duties of sheriff after arrest if undertaking not given by accused
27-10-12 Accused discharged from arrest on delivering undertaking ‑ Nature of undertaking
27-10-13 Procedure on return of warrant of attachment or order to show cause for contempt
27-10-14 Order directing punishment of and warrant of commitment of person found guilty of contempt
27-10-15 Contents of order for punishment and warrant of commitment
27-10-16 Person imprisoned for contempt may be ordered discharged
27-10-17 Punishment for contempt no bar to criminal prosecution
27-10-18 Procedure when person arrested gives undertaking for appearance but fails to appear
27-10-19 Undertaking may be ordered prosecuted by and in behalf of party aggrieved ‑ Extent of recovery
27-10-20 When undertaking ordered prosecuted in name of state ‑ Disposition of moneys collected
27-10-21 Sheriff liable for insufficient surety ‑ Enforcement of liability
27-10-22 Procedure to punish contempt before referee
27-10-23 Contempt of witness before notary public, officer, board, or tribunal
27-10-24 Appeal to supreme court from final order adjudging a person guilty of contempt
27-10-25 Undertaking for stay of execution of order on appeal in criminal contempt
27-10-26 Undertaking for stay of execution of order on appeal in civil contempts
27-10-27 Undertaking on appeal in contempt where stay of execution not desired

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