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Chapter 27-09.1

Uniform Jury Selection and Service Act
Section Section Name
27-09.1-01 Legislative intent
27-09.1-02 Discrimination prohibited
27-09.1-03 Definitions
27-09.1-04 Jury commission
27-09.1-05 Master list
27-09.1-05.1 Selection of jurors from judicial district ‑ Impact of natural disaster ‑ Grounds and method for selection
27-09.1-06 Master jury wheel
27-09.1-07 Juror qualification form
27-09.1-08 Disqualification from jury service
27-09.1-09 Summoning of jury panels
27-09.1-10 No exemptions
27-09.1-11 Excuses from jury service
27-09.1-12 Challenging compliance with selection procedures
27-09.1-13 Preservation of records
27-09.1-14 Mileage and compensation of jurors
27-09.1-15 Length of service by jurors
27-09.1-16 Penalties for failure to perform jury service
27-09.1-17 Protection of jurors' and witnesses' employment
27-09.1-18 Court rules
27-09.1-19 Savings clause
27-09.1-20 Short title
27-09.1-21 District courts and county courts may use each other's jury panels
27-09.1-22 When jury panel to attend subsequent term

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