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Chapter 27-05

District Courts
Section Section Name
27-05-00.1 County courts abolished ‑ Election of additional district court judges ‑ Case file transition ‑ Budget and property considerations
27-05-01 Judicial districts ‑ Number of judges
27-05-02 Election and term of office of district judges
27-05-02.1 Vacancy in office of district judge ‑ Transfer of judgeships ‑ Hearing
27-05-03 Salaries and expenses of district judges
27-05-03.1 Retirement for mental or physical disability of supreme court judges and district court judges
27-05-03.2 Judicial retirement salary payable to judge retired for mental or physical disability
27-05-04 Expenses of district judges sitting with supreme court or in other districts ‑ Allowance ‑ Payment
27-05-05 Presiding judge of district ‑ How determined ‑ Term of office
27-05-06 Jurisdiction of district courts
27-05-07 Purposes for which district courts always open ‑ When and where issues of fact triable
27-05-08 Chambers ‑ Residence
27-05-08.1 Terms of district court to be fixed by supreme court
27-05-09 First judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-10 Second judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-11 Third judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-12 Fourth judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-13 Fifth judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-14 Sixth judicial district ‑ General terms
27-05-15 Terms for naturalization
27-05-16 District judges may call special terms and may summon juries thereto
27-05-17 General provisions concerning terms
27-05-18 District judges prohibited from holding consecutive jury terms ‑ Exception
27-05-19 Effect where first day of term falls on legal holiday
27-05-20 Acts of district judge are acts of court
27-05-21 District judges to have statewide jurisdiction ‑ Exception
27-05-22 District judges to act only within their districts ‑ Exceptions
27-05-23 Judgments or orders improperly given in matters pending outside judge's district ‑ Voidable ‑ Vacating
27-05-24 Ex parte applications may be heard and default judgments may be given
27-05-25 How business of district courts assigned judges and regulated ‑ Several cases triable at same time
27-05-26 Change of venue
27-05-27 Motions before trial judge
27-05-28 Orders without notice
27-05-29 District judges may assign additional duties to juvenile supervisors ‑ Authority of supreme court
27-05-30 Judicial referees
27-05-31 Magistrates ‑ Appointment ‑ Salary ‑ Authority

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