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Chapter 27-02

Supreme Court
Section Section Name
27-02-01 Appointment and duties of chief justice of the supreme court
27-02-02 Salaries of justices of supreme court
27-02-02.1 Additional compensation ‑ Supreme and district court judges
27-02-03 Stenographers for supreme court
27-02-04 Jurisdiction of supreme court ‑ Appellate ‑ Original
27-02-05 General powers of supreme court
27-02-05.1 Administration by supreme court
27-02-05.2 State juvenile services coordinator ‑ Powers and duties ‑ Selection and salary ‑ Administrative support
27-02-06 Terms
27-02-07 Rules relating to the unauthorized practice of the law may be made by supreme court
27-02-08 Rules of pleading, practice, and procedure may be made by supreme court
27-02-09 Statutes regulating procedure effective as rules of supreme court
27-02-10 Limitation on rulemaking powers of supreme court
27-02-11 Notice of intention to promulgate rule ‑ Requirement ‑ Method of giving ‑ Hearing interested parties
27-02-12 Proposal of new rules and amendments to rules of practice by attorneys
27-02-13 Means of putting into effect rules or amendments to rules adopted by supreme court
27-02-14 Effective date of rules promulgated by supreme court
27-02-15 Duties of clerks of district courts with reference to rules ‑ Rules open to inspection
27-02-16 Issuance and return of writs by supreme court
27-02-17 Issues of fact in original proceedings in supreme court may be sent to district court for trial
27-02-18 Calendar of the supreme court
27-02-19 Causes given preference on supreme court calendar
27-02-20 When causes on calendar stand over
27-02-21 Adjournments
27-02-22 Majority of judges must concur in judgment ‑ Effect if concurrence of majority is lacking
27-02-23 Decisions must be written ‑ Filing ‑ Requirement
27-02-24 Regulations governing publication and distribution of official reports to be made by supreme court
27-02-25 Supreme court may call special terms for district courts ‑ Court may designate judge to preside
27-02-26 Uniform traffic summons and complaint
27-02-27 Judicial emergency

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