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Chapter 26.1-41

Auto Accident Reparations
Section Section Name
26.1-41-01 Definitions
26.1-41-02 Security requirements ‑ Authority of director of the department of transportation
26.1-41-03 Suspension of coverage ‑ Request by owner
26.1-41-04 Optional excess no‑fault benefits
26.1-41-05 Self‑insurance ‑ Liability policies ‑ Authority of commissioner
26.1-41-06 Persons entitled to basic no‑fault benefits
26.1-41-07 Persons not entitled to benefits
26.1-41-08 Secured person exemption
26.1-41-09 Payment of basic and optional excess no‑fault benefits
26.1-41-10 Assignment of nonmedical benefits unenforceable ‑ Exemption of benefits from process
26.1-41-11 Mental and physical examinations
26.1-41-12 Discovery of facts about an injured person
26.1-41-13 Priority of applicable security ‑ Coordination of benefits
26.1-41-14 Stacking of basic no‑fault benefits prohibited
26.1-41-15 Motor vehicle liability insurance ‑ Extraterritorial provision
26.1-41-16 Insurer's right of subrogation
26.1-41-17 Equitable allocation of losses among insurers
26.1-41-18 Assigned claims plan
26.1-41-19 Limitation of actions
26.1-41-20 Secured person exemption for no liability insurance

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