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Chapter 26.1-11

Foreign Insurance Companies
Section Section Name
26.1-11-01 Conditions to be complied with by foreign company before transacting insurance business in state
26.1-11-02 Liability of officers, agents, and stockholders of noncomplying foreign company ‑ Penalty
26.1-11-03 Failure to comply with conditions renders contracts void on behalf of company ‑ Enforcement against company
26.1-11-04 Foreign life company required to maintain funds or stop writing business ‑ Penalty
26.1-11-05 Deposit required of foreign accident and health insurance company doing business on assessment plan
26.1-11-06 Reciprocal penalties ‑ Retaliatory charges
26.1-11-07 Countersignature requirement ‑ Commissions ‑ Reciprocity
26.1-11-08 Grounds for revocation of authority of foreign company
26.1-11-09 Procedure for suspension or revocation of foreign company's authority ‑ Effect
26.1-11-10 Consent to service of process
26.1-11-11 Consent to service of process ‑ Unauthorized insurance company
26.1-11-12 Additional means of service
26.1-11-13 Right of service not abridged
26.1-11-14 Judgment by default ‑ Time of entry
26.1-11-15 Defense of action by unauthorized company
26.1-11-16 Court may order postponement
26.1-11-17 Construction
26.1-11-18 Attorney's fees
26.1-11-19 Application

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