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Chapter 26.1-08

Comprehensive Health Association
Section Section Name
26.1-08-01 Definitions
26.1-08-02 Duties of commissioner
26.1-08-02.1 Board of directors
26.1-08-02.2 Powers and duties of commissioner and board ‑ Fees
26.1-08-03 Comprehensive health association
26.1-08-03.1 Operation of the association
26.1-08-04 Association plan
26.1-08-05 Minimum benefits of a qualified plan A
26.1-08-06 Comprehensive benefit plan
26.1-08-06.1 Age sixty‑five and over and disabled supplement plans
26.1-08-07 Approval and filing of benefit plans
26.1-08-08 Benefit plan premium
26.1-08-09 Participating members
26.1-08-10 Administration of the association
26.1-08-11 Solicitation of eligible individuals
26.1-08-12 Eligibility
26.1-08-13 Termination of coverage
26.1-08-14 Exempt from premium tax

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