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Chapter 23-25

Air Pollution Control
Section Section Name
23-25-01 Definitions (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-01.1 Declaration of public policy and legislative intent (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-02 State air pollution control agency ‑ Advisory council (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-03 Power and duties of the department (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-03.1 Licensing of asbestos and lead‑based paint contractors and certification of asbestos and lead‑based paint workers (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-03.2 Sulfur dioxide ambient air quality standards more strict than federal standards prohibited (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-03.3 Requirements for adoption of air quality rules more strict than federal standards (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-04 Classification and reporting of air pollution sources (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-04.1 Permits or registration (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-04.2 Fees ‑ Deposit in operating fund (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-05 Right of onsite inspection (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-06 Confidentiality of records (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-07 Emission control requirements
23-25-08 Administrative procedure and judicial review (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-09 Injunction proceedings
23-25-10 Enforcement ‑ Penalties ‑ Injunctions (Contingent repeal - See note)
23-25-11 Regulation of odors ‑ Rules (Contingent repeal - See note)

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