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Chapter 23-24

Vector Control Districts
Section Section Name
23-24-01 Definitions
23-24-02 Petition for establishment of vector control districts ‑ Hearing thereon and investigation ‑ District when created
23-24-02.1 Petition for withdrawing from a vector control district ‑ Hearing and investigation ‑ Boundary modification
23-24-03 Area to be included within district ‑ How determined
23-24-04 Order establishing or modifying district
23-24-05 Board of commissioners ‑ Composition ‑ Appointment ‑ Term of office ‑ Vacancy ‑ Compensation
23-24-06 Oath of office ‑ Organization of board of commissioners ‑ Appointment of employees ‑ Meetings
23-24-07 Bonds of officers and employees
23-24-08 Powers and duties of the board of commissioners
23-24-09 Vector control district budget ‑ Financial report ‑ Tax levy by county
23-24-10 District may issue warrants in anticipation of taxes levied to pay current expenses
23-24-11 County treasurer to collect and remit taxes to district treasurer ‑ Deposit of district funds

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