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Chapter 23-21

Disinterment and Removal of Bodies in Cemeteries
Section Section Name
23-21-01 Definitions
23-21-02 Municipal ordinance for disinterment
23-21-03 County order for disinterment
23-21-04 Declaration of intent
23-21-05 Contents of declaration
23-21-06 Publication
23-21-07 Heading and contents
23-21-08 Posting of copies
23-21-09 Mailing to plot owners
23-21-10 Mailing to heirs of persons interred
23-21-11 Notice of desire to be present during disinterment and reinterment
23-21-12 Voluntary removal
23-21-13 Removal by purchaser or owner of plot or right of interment
23-21-14 Removal by heirs of grantee of plot or right of interment ‑ Affidavit
23-21-15 Removal of appurtenances to interment space
23-21-16 Removal and reinterment by cemetery authority
23-21-17 Disposal of lands
23-21-18 Recordation of removal of human remains ‑ Acknowledgment
23-21-19 Proceeds of sale of land ‑ Use
23-21-20 Use of funds to pay expense of removal
23-21-21 Endowment care fund for cemetery of reinterment
23-21-22 Use of funds for perpetual or other care or improvement of cemetery of reinterment
23-21-23 Interment of decedent in religious cemetery ‑ Compliance with religious requirements in removing remains

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