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Chapter 23-09

Lodging Establishments and Assisted Living Facilities
Section Section Name
23-09-01 Definitions
23-09-02 State department of health to enforce provisions of chapter
23-09-02.1 Smoke detection devices or other approved alarm systems ‑ Administrative procedure and judicial review
23-09-03 Exiting requirements
23-09-04 Fire escapes in hotels and lodginghouses not more than two stories high
23-09-05 Fire escapes to be kept clear ‑ Notice of location and use of fire escapes required
23-09-06 Chemical fire extinguishers ‑ Standpipes
23-09-07 Lodging establishments or assisted living facilities with elevators ‑ Protection to prevent spread of fire
23-09-08 Bolts or locks to be supplied on doors of sleeping rooms
23-09-09 Sanitation and safety
23-09-10 Drinking water standards
23-09-11 Inspection ‑ Reports
23-09-12 Certificate of inspection ‑ When issued ‑ Posting
23-09-13 False certificate ‑ Penalty
23-09-14 Department to report to state fire marshal
23-09-15 Obstructing inspection ‑ Penalty
23-09-16 License ‑ Application
23-09-17 License fees
23-09-18 Failure to comply with chapter ‑ Notice ‑ How served
23-09-19 State's attorney to prosecute violation
23-09-20 Requirements of fireproof hotel ‑ Penalty for false advertising
23-09-20.1 Guest record
23-09-21 Penalty ‑ General
23-09-22 License canceled
23-09-23 Exemption for bed and breakfast facilities
23-09-24 Salvaged food ‑ License required

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