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Chapter 23-07

Reportable Diseases
Section Section Name
23-07-01 State department of health ‑ Collection of public health information
23-07-01.1 Reporting of physical or mental disorders
23-07-01.2 Rules
23-07-02 Who to report reportable diseases
23-07-02.1 Reports of human immunodeficiency virus infection ‑ Penalty
23-07-02.2 Confidentiality of reports
23-07-02.3 Emergency reporting
23-07-03 Report of cases of sexually transmitted disease
23-07-04 Report of reportable disease by township board of health
23-07-05 Local health officers to report reportable disease to state department of health
23-07-06 Contagious or infectious diseases ‑ Power of local board of health to quarantine
23-07-07 Sexually transmitted diseases ‑ Additional powers and duties of health officers
23-07-07.1 Blood sample of pregnant woman must be submitted for serological test for syphilis
23-07-07.2 Definitions
23-07-07.3 Certificates reporting births and stillbirths to state whether blood test made
23-07-07.4 Penalty
23-07-07.5 Testing of inmates and convicted individuals for exposure to the human immunodeficiency virus ‑ Reporting ‑ Liability
23-07-07.6 Report of testing result of imprisoned individuals
23-07-08 Persons in prison examined and treated for sexually transmitted diseases
23-07-09 Sexually transmitted diseases ‑ Persons isolated in prison ‑ Exceptions
23-07-10 Preventing infant blindness ‑ Duty of physician or midwife
23-07-11 Duty of parent to report to health officer
23-07-12 Health officer to place reported infant in charge of physician
23-07-13 Contagious or infectious diseases ‑ Local board may establish temporary hospital
23-07-14 Contagious or infectious diseases ‑ Local board may destroy or disinfect infected clothing
23-07-15 Removal of person afflicted with contagious or infectious disease ‑ Removal of person who died of such disease ‑ Prohibited
23-07-16 Child having contagious or infectious disease prohibited from attending school ‑ Exception
23-07-16.1 School district to adopt policy relating to significant contagious diseases
23-07-17 Vaccination or inoculation not required for admission to any school or for the exercise of a right
23-07-17.1 Inoculation required before admission to school
23-07-18 Physician to report death from contagious or infectious disease to local board of health
23-07-19 Appropriation made on report showing action necessary to prevent spread of tuberculosis
23-07-20 Board of county commissioners may appropriate money to prevent the spread of tuberculosis
23-07-20.1 Disclosure of records
23-07-21 Penalties

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