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Chapter 23-06

Care and Custody of Dead
Section Section Name
23-06-01 Right to dispose of one's own body
23-06-01.1 Immunity from liability
23-06-01.2 Application of other laws
23-06-02 Custody of body
23-06-03 Duty of final disposition - Indigent burial - Decedent's instructions (Effective through December 31, 2019)
23-06-03.1 Payments on pre‑need funeral contracts to be deposited ‑ Depository shall keep record of deposit ‑ Personal property storage ‑ Penalty
23-06-04 Time within which final disposition must be made ‑ Exceptions
23-06-05 Failure to dispose within required time ‑ Penalty
23-06-06 Neglect of final disposition ‑ Penalty
23-06-07 Regulation of final disposition ‑ Issuance of final disposition-transit permit regulated
23-06-08 Final disposition-transit permit ‑ Contents
23-06-09 Disposition of final disposition-transit permit
23-06-10 Sextons to endorse and return final disposition-transit permit ‑ Record of burials
23-06-11 Burial without final disposition-transit permit ‑ Penalty
23-06-12 Transporting body without final disposition-transit permit
23-06-13 Dissection ‑ When allowed
23-06-14 What bodies may be used for dissection
23-06-15 When body not to be used for dissection
23-06-16 Bond given by person receiving body
23-06-17 Bodies required to be buried or cremated after being dissected
23-06-18 Dissection ‑ Removal of body ‑ Sale ‑ Penalty
23-06-19 Interference with burial of dead limb or member of body ‑ Penalty
23-06-20 Where body may be buried
23-06-21 Regulation of cemeteries
23-06-21.1 Title to burial plots reverts after sixty years ‑ Procedure ‑ Abandonment
23-06-22 Sexton ‑ Term of office, records, duties
23-06-23 State department of health to enforce regulation of cemeteries ‑ Injunction
23-06-24 Unlawful removal of dead body ‑ Penalty
23-06-24.1 Endangered gravesites ‑ County action authorized
23-06-25 When body may be removed from cemetery ‑ Penalty for failure to remove
23-06-26 Purchasing body forbidden ‑ Penalty
23-06-27 Protection of human burial sites, human remains, and burial goods ‑ Unlawful acts ‑ Penalties ‑ Exceptions
23-06-28 Arresting or attaching dead body ‑ Penalty
23-06-29 Penalty for violating provisions relating to dissections and general penalty
23-06-30 Abandoned cemeteries to be maintained by counties
23-06-31 Cremation or other lawful disposition of a body ‑ Authorization document ‑ Immunity

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