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Chapter 23.1-13

Petroleum Products
Section Section Name
23.1-13-01 Definitions
23.1-13-02 Department to enforce law ‑ Regulation of petroleum products
23.1-13-03 Sale of adulterated and misbranded gasoline, kerosene, tractor fuel, heating oil, diesel fuel, or lubricating oil prohibited
23.1-13-04 Retail sale of alcohol‑blended gasoline ‑ Label requirements
23.1-13-05 Retail sale of gasoline containing methyl tertiary butyl ether ‑ Restriction
23.1-13-06 Retail sale of alternative fuels ‑ Notice required
23.1-13-07 Labeling gasoline containers ‑ Gasoline pipeline
23.1-13-08 Labeling kerosene ‑ Containers ‑ Pipeline
23.1-13-09 Labeling tractor fuel
23.1-13-10 Labeling heating oil
23.1-13-11 Labeling diesel fuel
23.1-13-12 Specifications for petroleum products ‑ Tests used
23.1-13-13 How volume of heating oil determined
23.1-13-14 Department may prohibit sale of certain gasolines or motor fuels
23.1-13-15 Sale of prohibited gasolines ‑ Penalty
23.1-13-16 Inspection fees
23.1-13-17 Report to tax commissioner of petroleum products ‑ Contents
23.1-13-18 Bond may be required of dealer in petroleum products
23.1-13-19 Department may designate ports of entry and hold cars for inspection ‑ Penalty
23.1-13-20 Penalties

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