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Chapter 23.1-08

Solid Waste Management and Land Protection
Section Section Name
23.1-08-01 Finding of necessity
23.1-08-02 Definitions
23.1-08-03 Powers and duties of the department
23.1-08-04 Coal combustion residuals ‑ Present use and disposal deemed acceptable
23.1-08-05 Commercial oilfield special waste recycling facilities ‑ Action against well operators restricted
23.1-08-06 Local government ordinances
23.1-08-06.1 Prohibition on political subdivision ordinance regulating auxiliary containers
23.1-08-07 Littering and open burning prohibited ‑ Penalty
23.1-08-08 Prohibition in landfill disposal ‑ Lead‑acid batteries accepted as trade‑ins
23.1-08-09 Permits
23.1-08-10 Fees ‑ Deposit in operating fund
23.1-08-11 Solid waste management fund ‑ Administration
23.1-08-12 Applications for grants or loans ‑ Loan terms
23.1-08-13 Preconstruction site review
23.1-08-14 Waste characterization
23.1-08-15 Municipal waste landfills and incinerators ‑ Certification
23.1-08-16 Public educational materials ‑ Municipal waste reduction and recycling
23.1-08-17 Disclosure of information before issuance, renewal, transfer, or major modification of permit
23.1-08-18 Inspections
23.1-08-19 Administrative procedure and judicial review
23.1-08-20 Injunction proceedings
23.1-08-21 Plats
23.1-08-22 Exemption
23.1-08-23 Penalties

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