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Chapter 23.1-01

Department of Environmental Quality
Section Section Name
23.1-01-01 Department of environmental quality established ‑ Director appointment
23.1-01-02 Environmental review advisory council ‑ Members, powers, and duties
23.1-01-03 Director ‑ Powers and duties
23.1-01-04 Rulemaking authority ‑ Limitations
23.1-01-05 Department of environmental quality authorized to transfer future accumulated fees
23.1-01-06 Department to employ waste management facility inspectors
23.1-01-07 Permit or investigatory hearings ‑ Exemption from chapters 28‑32 and 54‑57
23.1-01-08 Commercial feed, insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide, fertilizer, and soil conditioner laws ‑ Laboratory function
23.1-01-09 Department of environmental quality ‑ Indirect cost recoveries
23.1-01-10 Zoning regulation of concentrated animal feeding operations ‑ Central repository
23.1-01-11 Appeal from permit proceedings
23.1-01-12 Rules
23.1-01-13 Contracts for inspections
23.1-01-14 Environmental laboratories ‑ Certification required ‑ Fees

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