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Chapter 22-01

Section Section Name
22-01-01 Definitions
22-01-02 Knowledge or consent of principal unnecessary to guaranty
22-01-03 Original obligation sufficient consideration ‑ Exception
22-01-04 Guaranty to be in writing ‑ Exception ‑ Consideration need not be expressed
22-01-05 When a guaranty need not be in writing
22-01-06 Acceptance of offer to guaranty required ‑ Exception in case of absolute guaranty
22-01-06.1 When notice of acceptance to guarantor or surety required
22-01-06.2 Surety or guarantor may withdraw within ten days
22-01-06.3 When account furnished surety or guarantor
22-01-06.4 Surety or guarantor may withdraw at any time
22-01-06.5 Public policy
22-01-07 Guaranty of contract the terms of which are unsettled ‑ Interpretation
22-01-08 Guaranty of solvency ‑ Failure to take proceedings to collect ‑ Removal of principal from state
22-01-09 Guaranty deemed unconditional ‑ Exception
22-01-10 Guarantor of payment is liable upon default of principal ‑ Demand or notice not required
22-01-11 Liability on conditional obligation ‑ When notice to guarantor required
22-01-12 Limitations upon obligation of guarantor
22-01-13 Nonliability of guarantor on unlawful contract ‑ Personal disability of principal
22-01-14 Revocation of continuing guaranty
22-01-15 When guarantor exonerated
22-01-16 Void or voidable promise of creditor does not exonerate
22-01-17 Guarantor liability not revived after exoneration
22-01-18 Reduction of obligation by partial performance
22-01-19 Delay on creditor's part does not exonerate guarantor
22-01-20 Indemnified guarantor ‑ Liability
22-01-21 Discharge of principal by operation of law does not constitute exoneration

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