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Chapter 20.1-15

Intoxication Testing of Hunters
Section Section Name
20.1-15-01 Implied consent to determine alcohol concentration and presence of drugs
20.1-15-02 Chemical test of hunter in serious bodily injury or fatal accident
20.1-15-03 Individuals qualified to administer chemical test and opportunity for additional test
20.1-15-04 Consent of person incapable of refusal not withdrawn
20.1-15-05 Action following chemical test result for a hunter
20.1-15-06 Revocation of privilege to hunt upon refusal to submit to testing
20.1-15-07 Administrative sanction for being afield with a gun or other firearm or a bow and arrow while having certain drug concentrations
20.1-15-08 Administrative hearing on request
20.1-15-09 Judicial review
20.1-15-10 Credit for suspension of hunting privileges
20.1-15-11 Interpretation of chemical tests
20.1-15-12 Proof of refusal admissible in any action or proceeding
20.1-15-13 Effect of evidence of chemical test
20.1-15-14 Liability
20.1-15-15 Screening tests

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