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Chapter 20.1-11

Game Refuges and Game Management Areas
Section Section Name
20.1-11-01 General penalty
20.1-11-02 Game refuges on privately owned or leased lands ‑ How established
20.1-11-03 Game refuges on lakes for migratory game birds ‑ How established
20.1-11-04 Game refuges on public lands may be established by director ‑ Duration of public land refuges
20.1-11-05 Establishment of state game or fish management areas
20.1-11-06 Public record of state game refuges to be kept by director ‑ Contents of record
20.1-11-07 Game refuges, game management areas to be posted by director ‑ Inscription on signs ‑ Location
20.1-11-08 Hunting and trapping within refuge prohibited ‑ Exception in case of carnivorous birds or animals
20.1-11-09 When predatory animals on state game refuges may be destroyed by persons designated by director
20.1-11-10 Director to mark game farms, refuges, management areas, breeding and resting places ‑ Destroying or defacing signs unlawful
20.1-11-11 Landowner consent before posting
20.1-11-12 Acquisition of school lands for wildlife restoration projects
20.1-11-13 Hunting or trapping within refuge prohibited ‑ Exception
20.1-11-14 Property abandoned on state game refuges, leased or managed real property, and state game or fish management areas

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