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Chapter 20.1-06

Fish, Frog, and Turtle Regulations
Section Section Name
20.1-06-01 General penalty
20.1-06-02 Fish protected ‑ Penalty
20.1-06-03 Legal size of fish
20.1-06-04 Possession of seines, setlines, fishtraps
20.1-06-05 Removing undesirable fish
20.1-06-06 Illegal methods for taking fish
20.1-06-07 Fishhouses ‑ Removal ‑ Penalty
20.1-06-08 Governor's proclamation concerning spearfishing from dark houses
20.1-06-09 Deposit of refuse in fishing waters
20.1-06-10 Commercial sales of fish
20.1-06-11 Fish legally taken out of state
20.1-06-12 Regulations governing private fish hatcheries
20.1-06-13 Property rights ‑ Fish wild by nature
20.1-06-14 Live bait wholesalers and retailers ‑ License
20.1-06-15 Fishways at dams
20.1-06-16 Turtles not to be taken without permit or contract from director
20.1-06-17 Frogs ‑ Season for taking ‑ Rules

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