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Chapter 20.1-04

Birds, Regulations
Section Section Name
20.1-04-01 General penalty
20.1-04-02 Game birds protected
20.1-04-02.1 Game bird parts ‑ Decorative purposes
20.1-04-03 Harmless wild birds protected ‑ Imported songbirds as domestic pets may be possessed and sold
20.1-04-04 Nests and eggs of protected birds protected
20.1-04-05 Golden eagle, bald eagle protected
20.1-04-06 Possession limit of game birds
20.1-04-07 Governor's proclamation concerning the taking of wild turkeys ‑ Youth spring wild turkey licenses ‑ Spring wild turkey licenses
20.1-04-07.1 Spring wild turkey licenses ‑ Nonprofit organizations
20.1-04-08 Red, yellow, or orange color to be displayed by hunters of wild turkeys ‑ Exception
20.1-04-09 Guns lawfully usable in pursuing or taking game birds ‑ Penalty
20.1-04-10 Shell‑holding capacity of shotguns used in taking game birds restricted ‑ Plugs authorized ‑ Penalty
20.1-04-11 Blinds, boats, and decoys lawfully usable in taking ducks and geese
20.1-04-12 When gun dogs not to be trained or permitted to run loose ‑ Exceptions ‑ Penalty
20.1-04-12.1 Gun dog activities ‑ Permit required ‑ Fee
20.1-04-12.2 Gun dog training area ‑ Permit
20.1-04-13 When harmful wild birds may be killed
20.1-04-14 Use of propane exploders ‑ Penalty
20.1-04-15 Pheasant season ‑ Opening

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