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Chapter 20.1-03

Licenses and Permits
Section Section Name
20.1-03-01 General penalty
20.1-03-01.1 Director to appoint and train instructors ‑ Prescribe course material and classroom sites ‑ Certify completion
20.1-03-01.2 Instruction required before issuance of hunting license ‑ Age limits ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-01.3 Exemptions
20.1-03-01.4 Additional education requirement for bowhunters ‑ Standards ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-01.5 Apprentice hunter validation
20.1-03-02 General game license ‑ Stamps allowed for specific licenses
20.1-03-03 Licenses to hunt, trap, or fish required of residents
20.1-03-03.1 General game license not required for hunting on Indian land
20.1-03-04 When licenses to hunt, fish, or trap not required of residents
20.1-03-04.1 When license to take frogs not required of residents
20.1-03-05 Application for resident general game, fur‑bearer, or fishing license ‑ Contents
20.1-03-06 Contents of resident general game, fur‑bearer, or fishing licenses ‑ Licenses not transferable ‑ Resident family fishing license
20.1-03-07 Licenses to hunt, trap, or fish required of nonresidents
20.1-03-07.1 Nonresident waterfowl hunting license required
20.1-03-07.2 Nonresident youth hunting licenses
20.1-03-07.3 Nonresident spring white goose license
20.1-03-08 When licenses to fish not required of nonresident
20.1-03-09 Application for nonresident general game or fishing license ‑ Contents
20.1-03-10 Contents of nonresident general game, fishing, or reciprocal trapping licenses ‑ Licenses not transferable ‑ Nonresident short‑term fishing license
20.1-03-10.1 Trout and salmon license stamp
20.1-03-11 License to hunt big game required ‑ Limitations on licenses
20.1-03-11.1 Combination license ‑ Director authorized to establish
20.1-03-11.2 Hunting outfitters ‑ White‑tailed deer licenses ‑ Fees
20.1-03-11.3 Early Canada goose season
20.1-03-11.4 Deer lottery license refund to private land open to sportsmen option
20.1-03-11.5 Purchase of bonus points awarded for lotteries
20.1-03-12 Schedule of fees for licenses and permits
20.1-03-12.1 Habitat restoration stamp required ‑ Use of revenue ‑ Land purchases not allowed
20.1-03-12.2 Hunting license and permit application fees
20.1-03-13 Stocking and propagation of upland game
20.1-03-14 Practicing taxidermy for pay without a license unlawful
20.1-03-15 Taxidermist's license ‑ Who to issue
20.1-03-16 Records required of licensed taxidermists ‑ Contents ‑ Inspection of records and unmounted specimens by game officials ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-17 Issuance of licenses ‑ Who to issue ‑ Disposition of proceeds
20.1-03-18 Agents to file certain licenses ‑ Game officials may inspect file ‑ Return of unused supplies
20.1-03-19 Remittances by agents to the director
20.1-03-20 Bonds of agents applicable to duties imposed by this title
20.1-03-21 Failure to turn over money collected under provisions of this title unlawful ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-22 Buying or shipping green furs ‑ License required ‑ Expiration of license
20.1-03-23 Records to be kept by licensed dealers in green furs ‑ Report to director ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-24 Transportation of game or fish by residents having hunting, fishing, or fur‑bearer licenses
20.1-03-24.1 Permits for the transportation of big game
20.1-03-25 Transportation of game or fish by nonresidents having a hunting, fur‑bearer, or fishing license
20.1-03-26 Nonresidents ‑ Taking and transporting of game birds ‑ License
20.1-03-27 Proof of license to be provided officers upon demand ‑ Penalty
20.1-03-28 Duplicate licenses or permits
20.1-03-29 Making misrepresentation in application for, or alteration in, license or permit unlawful
20.1-03-30 Application for license issued by lottery ‑ Forfeiture of fee if not eligible to apply
20.1-03-31 Using or claiming as one's own the license or permit of another person unlawful
20.1-03-32 Computer‑generated license
20.1-03-33 When an individual considered licensed
20.1-03-34 Signature and possession requirements
20.1-03-35 Social security number to be furnished
20.1-03-36 Guides and outfitters to be licensed
20.1-03-36.1 Fee for guide or outfitter license
20.1-03-36.2 Guides and outfitters licenses
20.1-03-37 Guides and outfitters license qualifications
20.1-03-38 Licensing guides and outfitters by the department ‑ Rules ‑ Inspections
20.1-03-39 Guides and outfitters restrictions
20.1-03-40 Penalty
20.1-03-41 Director's powers for immediate suspension
20.1-03-42 Guiding on prohibited lands

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