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Chapter 20.1-02

Game and Fish Department
Section Section Name
20.1-02-01 Director of the game and fish department ‑ Office to be maintained ‑ Appointment ‑ Term ‑ Removal
20.1-02-02 Oath of director
20.1-02-03 Compensation and expenses of director ‑ Audit and payment
20.1-02-04 Duties of director
20.1-02-05 Powers of director
20.1-02-05.1 Land acquisitions ‑ Statewide land acquisition plan
20.1-02-05.2 Private land access program ‑ Guidelines
20.1-02-06 Deputy director ‑ Appointment, removal, oath, reports
20.1-02-07 Chief game warden, district deputy game wardens, biologists, and technicians ‑ Appointment ‑ Removal
20.1-02-08 Oath of chief game warden
20.1-02-09 Supervision of chief game warden by director ‑ Records ‑ Reports
20.1-02-10 Special deputy game wardens ‑ Appointment, removal, compensation
20.1-02-11 Deputy game wardens supervised by director ‑ To make reports
20.1-02-12 Bond of deputy game wardens
20.1-02-13 Disqualification of game wardens
20.1-02-14 Writs served and executed by game wardens ‑ Peace officers and others to aid wardens, when
20.1-02-14.1 Uniform complaint and summons ‑ Promise to appear ‑ Penalty
20.1-02-15 Police powers of director, deputy director, and bonded appointees of director
20.1-02-15.1 Additional powers of director, deputy director, chief game wardens, or district game wardens
20.1-02-16 Director may pay rewards in connection with the conviction of violators ‑ Amounts ‑ Exceptions
20.1-02-16.1 Game and fish fund ‑ Use ‑ Required balance ‑ Budget section approval
20.1-02-16.2 Nongame wildlife fund established ‑ Uses ‑ Appropriation
20.1-02-16.3 Small and big game habitat restoration trust fund ‑ Advisory committee ‑ Transfer ‑ Continuing appropriation
20.1-02-16.4 Clam harvesting privilege fee
20.1-02-16.5 Motorboat programs and safety account ‑ Use
20.1-02-16.6 Motorboat programs and safety account ‑ Transfer from highway tax distribution fund
20.1-02-17 Conditional assent to federal aid projects ‑ Proceeds from license fees and application to be used for administration of department
20.1-02-17.1 Procedures and conditions for land acquisitions for wildlife and fish restoration
20.1-02-17.2 Lands acquired by game and fish department to qualify as Garrison diversion mitigation lands
20.1-02-18 State's conditional consent to United States' acquisition of areas for migratory bird reservations ‑ State retains jurisdiction
20.1-02-18.1 Federal wildlife area acquisitions ‑ Submission to county commissioners, opportunity for public comment, and impact analysis required
20.1-02-18.2 Negotiation of leases, easements, and servitudes for wildlife production purposes
20.1-02-18.3 Suspension of federal authority to acquire interests in land
20.1-02-18.4 Wetlands mediation advisory board
20.1-02-18.5 Wetlands mediation advisory board ‑ Meetings ‑ Staff ‑ Compensation and expenses
20.1-02-18.6 Wetlands mediation advisory board ‑ Petition ‑ Mediation ‑ Hearing
20.1-02-19 Removal proceedings ‑ Game and fish hearing board
20.1-02-20 Time of hearing ‑ Notice of hearing and of determination
20.1-02-21 Suspension pending hearing
20.1-02-22 Appeal to district court
20.1-02-23 Game and fish advisory board ‑ Appointment ‑ Qualifications ‑ Term
20.1-02-24 Compensation
20.1-02-25 Meetings and duties
20.1-02-26 Mounted bighorn sheep trophy heads and horns ‑ Plugging or tagging required ‑ Rules
20.1-02-27 Public access program ‑ Private landowner assistance to promote public hunting access
20.1-02-28 Deerproof hay yard program
20.1-02-29 Protection of personal information of the public
20.1-02-30 Private land open to sportsmen program ‑ Biomass demonstration project
20.1-02-31 Deer reduction programs
20.1-02-32 Canada goose depredation kill permits

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