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Chapter 19-04

Poisons and Deleterious Preparations
Section Section Name
19-04-01 Selling certain enumerated poisons regulated ‑ Penalty
19-04-02 Chloral hydrate not to be sold without prescription
19-04-03 Records to be kept of poisons dispensed ‑ Examination of records ‑ Penalty
19-04-04 Distribution of certain drugs and preparations prohibited ‑ Penalty
19-04-05 Definitions of terms used in preceding section
19-04-06 Preparations a nuisance ‑ May be destroyed
19-04-07 Penalty
19-04-08 Distribution of anabolic steroids prohibited ‑ Exception ‑ Penalty
19-04-09 Distribution of substance or device to defraud urine test prohibited ‑ Penalty

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