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Chapter 19-01

Section Section Name
19-01-01 Definitions of terms used in title (Effective through August 31, 2022)
19-01-02 Consolidated laboratories branch ‑ Members, duties, meetings
19-01-02.1 Legislative intent
19-01-03 Director of department ‑ Appointment, bond, oath, salary
19-01-04 Assistant director ‑ Qualifications, appointment, bond, salary, duties
19-01-05 Sheriff as local inspector ‑ Compensation, duties
19-01-06 Offices of department ‑ Employees ‑ Equipment
19-01-07 Contract services (Effective through August 31, 2022)
19-01-08 Expenses ‑ How paid
19-01-09 Right of inspection ‑ Penalty
19-01-10 Department to make analyses, inspections, and examinations ‑ Report of examination as evidence ‑ Publication of report
19-01-11 Possession of prohibited or regulated products, articles, compositions, or things as prima facie evidence
19-01-12 Seizure of unlawful products ‑ Search warrant
19-01-13 Department may seize unlawful products, articles, compositions, or things without search warrant
19-01-14 Service and return of search warrant and proceedings thereon
19-01-15 Agent is punishable for violation of any provision of title
19-01-16 Enforcement by department ‑ Duty of state's attorney to prosecute
19-01-17 Form of license to be issued
19-01-18 Duties as to weights and measures
19-01-19 Administrative procedure and judicial review

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