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Chapter 18-11

Alternate Firefighters Relief Association Plan
Section Section Name
18-11-01 Alternate firefighters relief association plan
18-11-02 Operation of association
18-11-03 Firefighter defined
18-11-04 Accrued rights not destroyed by plan ‑ Transfer of funds ‑ Records
18-11-05 Application for membership
18-11-06 Association may deny membership to mentally, physically unsound
18-11-07 Officers
18-11-08 Report of receipts and expenditures regarding state funds to be filed with state and city auditor
18-11-09 Apportioning insurance tax
18-11-10 Additional city firefighters relief fund contributions
18-11-11 Levy proceeds
18-11-12 Contribution by firefighters
18-11-13 Association state fund ‑ Expenditures ‑ Investment
18-11-14 Disbursement of moneys from association state fund
18-11-15 Service pensions ‑ Qualifications
18-11-15.1 Purchase of legislative service credit
18-11-16 Disability pensions ‑ Qualifications
18-11-17 Pensions to surviving spouses and children of deceased members
18-11-18 Reduction in benefits if funds not sufficient
18-11-19 Fund based upon actuarial tables ‑ Treatment of forfeitures
18-11-20 Members withdrawing from association ‑ Members in military service
18-11-21 Money received under pension not subject to legal process ‑ Assignments
18-11-22 Examination of relief association records ‑ Report of unauthorized spending to governor ‑ Duty of governor
18-11-23 Funeral benefits
18-11-24 Commencement of benefits
18-11-25 Vesting on plan termination
18-11-26 Service pensions ‑ Formulation of optional plan
18-11-27 Optional plan postretirement adjustments
18-11-28 Service, disability, and survivor pensions ‑ Formulation of optional plan

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