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Chapter 18-08

General Provisions
Section Section Name
18-08-01 Penalty for setting prairie fire
18-08-02 Burning grass or stubble
18-08-03 Liability when lawfully set fire is permitted to spread
18-08-04 Accidental damage from lawfully set fire ‑ Liability
18-08-05 Setting fire to destroy grasshoppers lawful
18-08-06 Liability for unlawfully setting fire to destroy grasshoppers ‑ Penalty for carelessness and negligence
18-08-07 Penalty for failure to extinguish camp or other fire
18-08-08 Occupant may recover damages caused by fire
18-08-09 Misconduct at fires ‑ Penalty
18-08-10 Prohibiting sale, distribution, and possession of fire extinguishers containing certain toxic and poisonous vaporizing liquids
18-08-11 Penalty
18-08-12 Periodic fire inspection of state buildings and institutions

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