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Chapter 18-06

Firefighting Equipment
Section Section Name
18-06-01 Township may purchase fire equipment ‑ Election
18-06-02 Notice of election
18-06-03 Equipment must be purchased on competitive bids ‑ Paid for out of general fund
18-06-04 Two or more townships may purchase fire equipment jointly
18-06-05 Equipment purchased jointly ‑ Each board of supervisors to authorize clerk to advertise for bids
18-06-06 Petition for tax levy for fire protection in unincorporated villages ‑ Tax levy made
18-06-07 Certification of amount of taxes levied ‑ County auditor to fix rate ‑ Extension
18-06-08 Collection and payment of taxes ‑ Separate account kept by township treasurer
18-06-09 Expenditures from funds ‑ Payments made by warrants
18-06-10 Township may contract for prevention and extinguishment of fires
18-06-11 Contracts for fire protection in unorganized townships ‑ Mill levy

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