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Chapter 18-01

State Fire Marshal Department
Section Section Name
18-01-01 Appointment of state fire marshal ‑ Appointment and salaries of deputies and assistants ‑ Budget
18-01-02 Duties of state fire marshal and deputy state fire marshals
18-01-03 Deputy state fire marshal to assist state fire marshal ‑ Duties when state fire marshal absent
18-01-03.1 Inspections ‑ Department of human services ‑ Education
18-01-03.2 Delegation of authority
18-01-04 Rules for prevention of fires to be issued
18-01-04.1 Educational programs ‑ Provided by state fire marshal
18-01-05 Insurance companies to report fire losses to state fire marshal
18-01-05.1 Disclosure of information ‑ Immunity ‑ Confidentiality
18-01-06 Fire chiefs and auditors or secretaries of cities and rural fire protection districts must report fires
18-01-07 State fire marshal may direct investigation ‑ Report of investigation ‑ Records in state fire marshal's office
18-01-08 Compensation of fire chiefs and executive officers of municipalities for reporting to state fire marshal
18-01-09 Investigation by state fire marshal ‑ Complaint to state's attorney ‑ Records of arson prosecutions
18-01-10 State fire marshal and deputies may subpoena witnesses and records ‑ Witness fees ‑ Oaths ‑ Certificates
18-01-11 Refusal of witness at state fire marshal's investigation to testify, produce records, or obey order ‑ Penalty
18-01-12 Testifying falsely at investigation of state fire marshal is perjury
18-01-13 Interfering with state fire marshal or deputies ‑ Penalty
18-01-14 Abatement of fire hazards
18-01-15 Abatement of conditions dangerous to persons ‑ Order ‑ Failure to comply ‑ Penalty
18-01-16 Order of abatement ‑ To whom directed ‑ Contents ‑ How served ‑ Service by publication
18-01-17 Appeal to state fire marshal from abatement order ‑ Record made by state fire marshal
18-01-18 Appeal from abatement order of state fire marshal
18-01-19 Noncompliance with order of abatement ‑ Court proceeding ‑ Title
18-01-20 Service of order and notice ‑ Contents of notice ‑ Additional parties ‑ Duty of attorney general
18-01-21 Service of abatement order and notice by publication ‑ Affidavit ‑ Order
18-01-22 Appearance in court proceeding by parties in interest
18-01-23 Time of hearing in district court ‑ Notice to parties who have appeared
18-01-24 Hearing in district court
18-01-25 Conclusiveness of abatement order or of judgment on appeal therefrom
18-01-26 Judgment of district court and contents
18-01-27 Costs and disbursements ‑ Enforcing order ‑ Lien of costs ‑ Payment of sheriff's fees
18-01-28 Records in state fire marshal department open to inspection ‑ Exception
18-01-29 Biennial report
18-01-30 State's attorneys to assist state fire marshal
18-01-31 Compensation of officers performing services for state fire marshal department
18-01-32 Violation of duty by officers ‑ Penalty
18-01-33 State fire marshal may adopt rules for explosives ‑ Penalty
18-01-34 Disclosure of information concerning toxic or hazardous substances ‑ List to state fire marshal and local fire departments ‑ Exceptions ‑ Availability of information restricted ‑ Penalty
18-01-35 Fire and tornado fund fees
18-01-36 Petroleum release compensation fund fees

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