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Chapter 16.1-13

General Elections
Section Section Name
16.1-13-01 Date of general election
16.1-13-02 Officers to be elected at general election
16.1-13-03 Secretary of state to give notice to county auditor of officers to be elected
16.1-13-04 Candidates' names placed on official general election ballot
16.1-13-05 Notice of election ‑ Contents ‑ Publication with sample ballot
16.1-13-06 Defeated primary candidate ineligible to have name printed on general ballot ‑ Exception
16.1-13-07 Preparation, printing, distributing, canvassing, and returning of no‑party ballot
16.1-13-08 Filling vacancy in office of United States senator
16.1-13-08.1 Special election to fill a vacancy in the United States House of Representatives due to a catastrophic circumstance
16.1-13-09 Resignation of members of legislative assembly after certificate of election
16.1-13-10 Vacancy existing in office of member of legislative assembly
16.1-13-11 Vacancy occurring in legislative assembly during session ‑ Duty of governor
16.1-13-12 Notice of special election
16.1-13-13 Canvassing and returning votes cast at elections to fill vacancies
16.1-13-14 Special election to fill vacancies ‑ Party committee to call convention to nominate ‑ Individual nominations
16.1-13-15 Notice of holding convention for special election ‑ Manner of giving
16.1-13-16 Basis of representation at convention ‑ How determined
16.1-13-17 Certificate of nomination by convention ‑ Contents ‑ Delivery
16.1-13-18 Two or more organizations filing certificates representing same party ‑ Secretary of state to determine authorized organization ‑ Review of determination
16.1-13-19 Election not to be held in room where alcoholic beverages sold
16.1-13-20 Examination of ballot box before opening of polls ‑ Regulations for ballot box while polls are open
16.1-13-21 Producing, opening, and delivering ballots on election day
16.1-13-22 Delivering ballot to elector ‑ Initialing
16.1-13-23 Preparation of ballot by elector ‑ Depositing ‑ Second‑chance voting
16.1-13-24 Voting on electronic voting system devices
16.1-13-25 Elector may write name on ballot ‑ Counting
16.1-13-26 Name written or pasted on ballot evidence of vote without marking X
16.1-13-27 Assistance to elector ‑ Polling place accessibility
16.1-13-28 Penalty for requesting voter to vote in certain manner
16.1-13-29 Election booths or compartments ‑ Number required ‑ Expense
16.1-13-30 One person to occupy booth ‑ Time limit in booth
16.1-13-31 Removal of ballot from polling place before closing of polls ‑ Prohibited
16.1-13-32 Securing new ballot upon spoiling of others
16.1-13-33 Electronic voting systems ‑ Election laws apply
16.1-13-34 Voters casting ballots after regular poll closings ‑ Provisional ballots

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