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Chapter 16.1-08.1

Campaign Contribution Statements
Section Section Name
16.1-08.1-01 Definitions (Effective through January 4, 2021)
16.1-08.1-02 Contributions statement required of candidate committees, candidates, and candidates for legislative office
16.1-08.1-02.1 State political party convention revenue and expense statement required
16.1-08.1-02.2 State political party building fund statement required
16.1-08.1-02.3 Pre‑election, supplemental, and year‑end campaign disclosure statement requirements for candidates, candidate committees, multicandidate committees, and nonstatewide political parties
16.1-08.1-02.4 Pre‑election, supplemental, and year‑end campaign disclosure statement requirements for statewide political parties and certain political committees
16.1-08.1-03 Contributions statement required of political parties
16.1-08.1-03.1 Special requirements for statements required of persons engaged in activities regarding ballot measures
16.1-08.1-03.2 Political committee and candidate registration
16.1-08.1-03.3 Campaign contributions by corporations, cooperative corporations, limited liability companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and associations ‑ Violation ‑ Penalty ‑ Political action committees authorized
16.1-08.1-03.4 Person not excused from testifying as to violation ‑ Prosecution or penalty waived upon testifying
16.1-08.1-03.5 Corporate contributions and expenditures ‑ Statement required
16.1-08.1-03.6 Contributions from federal campaign committee accounts or from contributions made to other candidates or former candidates limited
16.1-08.1-03.7 Political committees that organize and register according to federal law that make independent expenditures or disbursements to nonfederal candidates, political parties, and political committees
16.1-08.1-03.8 Contributions statement required of multicandidate political committees
16.1-08.1-03.9 Contribution statements of judicial district candidates or a candidate committee for a judicial district candidate
16.1-08.1-03.10 Contribution statements of county office candidates or a candidate committee for a county office candidate
16.1-08.1-03.11 Contribution statements of city office candidates or a candidate committee for a city office candidate in cities with a resident population of five thousand or more as determined by the last federal decennial census
16.1-08.1-03.12 Contribution statements of incidental committees and other political committees
16.1-08.1-03.13 Contribution statements required of initiated or referendum petition sponsoring committees - Statement of petition sponsors
16.1-08.1-03.14 Conduit required to provide detailed contribution information to recipient
16.1-08.1-03.15 Contributions from and expenditures by foreign nationals prohibited
16.1-08.1-04 Supplemental statement required on large contributions received after original statement ‑ Filing time
16.1-08.1-04.1 Personal use of contributions prohibited (Effective through January 4, 2021)
16.1-08.1-05 Audit by secretary of state ‑ Requested audits ‑ Reports
16.1-08.1-06 Contributions and expenditure statement requirements
16.1-08.1-06.1 Filing officer to charge and collect fees for late filing
16.1-08.1-06.2 Secretary of state to provide instructions, make adjustments for inflation, and conduct training
16.1-08.1-07 Penalty
16.1-08.1-08 Ultimate and true source of funds ‑ Required identification (Effective after January 4, 2021)

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