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Chapter 15-55

Construction of Revenue-Producing Buildings
Section Section Name
15-55-01 Portions of campuses set aside for authorized revenue‑producing buildings or other revenue‑producing campus improvements
15-55-02 Board may borrow money and issue bonds ‑ Conditions ‑ Bonds tax free
15-55-02.1 Refunding bonds
15-55-03 Bonds are special obligations and board may insert special provisions in bonds
15-55-04 Board may enter into contract with federal agencies
15-55-04.1 Lease of revenue‑producing buildings
15-55-05 Deposit and use of proceeds of bonds ‑ Authorizing issuing of warrants ‑ Contracts
15-55-05.1 Interim financing
15-55-06 Designations of agent and depositories ‑ Disposition and use of revenues ‑ Funds created
15-55-07 Endorsement of bonds ‑ Attorney general to approve ‑ Incontestable ‑ Exception
15-55-08 Who may invest in bonds
15-55-09 Construction of chapter not to permit obligating of state
15-55-10 Limitation on buildings and other campus improvements and issuance of bonds
15-55-11 Issuance and sale of tax‑exempt bonds authorized ‑ Amount
15-55-12 Bonds not a general obligation of state or its institutions
15-55-13 Additional revenue‑producing buildings authorized
15-55-14 Rental income from unencumbered revenue‑producing buildings or other campus improvements may be applied to bond retirement
15-55-15 Bond issues ‑ Amounts and purposes (1955)
15-55-16 Bond issues ‑ Amounts and purposes (1957)
15-55-17 Bond issues ‑ Amounts and purposes (1959)
15-55-18 School district retirement of bonds for junior colleges and off‑campus educational centers
15-55-19 Powers and procedure
15-55-20 Financial records required
15-55-21 Expenses to be paid from gross revenues

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