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Chapter 15-12

State University of Agriculture and Applied Science
Section Section Name
15-12-01 Location and name
15-12-02 Objects and courses of instruction
15-12-03 President ‑ Duties
15-12-04 Faculty ‑ Rules and regulations
15-12-05 Faculty ‑ Annual report to board
15-12-06 Treasurer ‑ Bond
15-12-06.1 Treasurer to receive funds appropriated by Congress
15-12-07 Land grants ‑ Acceptance
15-12-08 Legislative assent to grant by Congress
15-12-09 Legislative assent to certain Acts of Congress and acceptance of grants thereunder
15-12-10 Experiment station ‑ Administered by board ‑ Purpose
15-12-11 List of North Dakota state university publications furnished to county auditor
15-12-12 North Dakota state university services and publications ‑ Publication of information
15-12-13 Economic survey to be made on completion of topographic maps
15-12-14 Who shall be state director of economic survey
15-12-15 State director to collect samples
15-12-16 Economic maps to be published
15-12-17 Publish reports of North Dakota agricultural experiment station
15-12-18 Construction of chapter
15-12-19 Name of survey
15-12-20 Veterinary diagnostic laboratory
15-12-21 State toxicologist ‑ Duties ‑ Fees ‑ Confidentiality
15-12-22 Economic feasibility institute ‑ Establishment ‑ Director
15-12-23 Purpose of the institute
15-12-24 Powers and duties of the institute
15-12-25 Grants and contributions ‑ Continuing appropriation
15-12-26 Access to institute records
15-12-27 Eighteenth street development fund
15-12-28 Dairy diagnostic teams
15-12-29 Beef systems center of excellence

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