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Chapter 15-11

State University and School of Mines
Section Section Name
15-11-01 State university ‑ Where located
15-11-02 Colleges may be united with university
15-11-02.1 Supervision of the junior college located at Devils Lake
15-11-03 Powers of president and faculty
15-11-04 Objects and departments of the university
15-11-05 Courses of instruction
15-11-06 Scandinavian language to be taught
15-11-07 Persons eligible as students
15-11-08 Geological and natural history survey ‑ Duty of board
15-11-09 State geologist ‑ Appointment of deputy
15-11-10 Salary of state geologist and deputy state geologist
15-11-11 Geological survey ‑ Extent ‑ Analysis
15-11-11.1 Authority of the state geologist ‑ Acquisition of geophysical data ‑ Confidentiality
15-11-12 Geological map of the state
15-11-13 Specimens collected ‑ Exhibited ‑ Exchanged
15-11-14 Biennial report by state board of higher education on surveys
15-11-15 Tests of state mineral and other resources ‑ Duty of state board of higher education ‑ Bulletins published
15-11-16 Discoveries at school of mines and substations to be patented and assigned
15-11-17 Penalty for failure to patent discovery or to transfer patent
15-11-18 Assignment of patent or permitting use thereof
15-11-19 Library of law college ‑ Supervision
15-11-20 Annual inventory of law library
15-11-21 Board of higher education to furnish supreme court reports to law school
15-11-22 State university alumni building ‑ Construction on campus ‑ Power of state board of higher education
15-11-23 Alumni building ‑ Application for site ‑ Duty of state board of higher education
15-11-24 Alumni building ‑ Authority as to building on campus ‑ Rules and regulations
15-11-25 Alumni building ‑ Contract for heat and light
15-11-26 Alumni building ‑ Title to site ‑ Title to building
15-11-27 Transfer of license of university radio station authorized
15-11-28 Hockey admission receipts may be pledged for purchase of artificial ice equipment
15-11-29 Matching funds for bequests to university of North Dakota
15-11-30 Sale of university land to fraternal societies
15-11-31 Assembly hall on university campus
15-11-32 Child welfare research bureau ‑ Establishment ‑ Director
15-11-33 Functions
15-11-34 Gifts and grants
15-11-35 Fetal alcohol syndrome center established
15-11-36 Evaluation of children with fetal alcohol syndrome
15-11-37 Acceptance of gifts by dean of medical school
15-11-38 Ralph Engelstad arena
15-11-39 Nursing education consortium ‑ Continuing appropriation

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