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Chapter 15-10

The State Board of Higher Education
Section Section Name
15-10-01 State board of higher education ‑ Institutions administered by board
15-10-01.1 Board of higher education to assume jurisdiction over junior colleges and off‑campus educational centers
15-10-01.2 North Dakota university system ‑ Unified system of higher education
15-10-02 Membership of state board of higher education ‑ Advisers
15-10-03 Terms of office
15-10-04 Failure of senate to confirm nomination to board ‑ Procedure
15-10-05 Appointments to fill vacancies when legislative assembly not in session
15-10-06 Removal ‑ Impeachment only
15-10-07 Oath of office ‑ Quorum
15-10-08 Compensation of board members ‑ Expenses ‑ Legislative appropriations
15-10-09 President and secretary of board ‑ Appointment ‑ Term
15-10-10 State commissioner of higher education ‑ Qualification ‑ Appointment ‑ Term ‑ Removal
15-10-11 Authority and general powers of board
15-10-12 (Effective after June 30, 2013) Board may accept gifts and bequests ‑ Deposit of funds
15-10-12.1 Acceptance of buildings and campus improvements ‑ Legislative approval
15-10-12.2 College and university investment income
15-10-12.3 Capital construction projects ‑ Local fund sources ‑ Local matching funds ‑ Report to budget section
15-10-13 Faculties of institutions under supervision of state board of higher education ‑ Rules and regulations
15-10-13.1 Faculty ‑ English language proficiency
15-10-13.2 Public institutions of higher education ‑ Faculty members ‑ Oath or affirmation
15-10-13.3 Public institutions of higher education ‑ Alien faculty members ‑ Oath or affirmation
15-10-14 Accounts and records of institutions ‑ Examination and audit
15-10-14.1 Higher education reports
15-10-14.2 Higher education system strategic plan ‑ Reports
15-10-15 Budget requests ‑ Duties of institution heads
15-10-16 Control of funds and appropriations of educational institutions
15-10-16.1 Loans from Bank of North Dakota
15-10-17 Specific powers and duties of the state board of higher education
15-10-17.1 Conduct of students and others and use of facilities of state colleges and universities
15-10-17.2 Claims against institutions of higher education ‑ Continuing appropriation
15-10-17.3 Political advertising ‑ Student housing
15-10-17.4 Contract ‑ Preparation and provision of meals ‑ Policy
15-10-18 Tuition of nonresidents at schools under control of state board of higher education
15-10-18.1 Waiver of tuition at state institutions for North Dakota youth correctional center graduates
15-10-18.2 Definitions
15-10-18.3 Free tuition in North Dakota institutions of higher education
15-10-18.4 Definitions
15-10-18.5 Free tuition in North Dakota institutions of higher education for survivor of firefighter, emergency medical services personnel, or peace officer
15-10-19 Nonresident student for tuition purposes defined ‑ Exceptions
15-10-19.1 Nonresident and resident student for tuition purposes defined
15-10-20 Tuition at model schools in higher educational institutions ‑ Attendance authorized by district school board
15-10-21 Military instruction required
15-10-22 Course in cooperatives required
15-10-23 Lease of building sites on educational institution grounds
15-10-24 Monthly statements of institutional expenditures and payroll to board of higher education
15-10-25 Abstracts of expenditures and payroll to the office of management and budget
15-10-25.1 Out‑of‑state travel by persons employed by the institutions under the control of the board of higher education
15-10-26 Appropriations
15-10-27 Appropriations for specific purposes ‑ Payment
15-10-28 Agreements with other states' institutions of higher learning and regional education compacts
15-10-28.1 Board of higher education to require note from veterinary medicine, optometry, or dental student ‑ Repayment
15-10-28.2 Regional veterinary medical education program ‑ Authority to enter agreements ‑ Limitations
15-10-29 Higher education facilities commission ‑ Membership ‑ Appointment ‑ Term ‑ Vacancies
15-10-30 Powers and duties
15-10-31 Federal money received by commission ‑ Where deposited ‑ How appropriated ‑ How expended
15-10-32 Compensation of commission members ‑ Travel expenses
15-10-33 Granting easements to state‑owned land by the state board of higher education
15-10-34 Authorization of contingency funds at institutions under the board of higher education
15-10-35 Investment of endowment funds by the institutions under the control of the board of higher education
15-10-36 Student registration with selective service system
15-10-37 Technology occupations student loan program
15-10-38 Loans ‑ Teacher shortages ‑ Loan forgiveness
15-10-39 Fees ‑ Room and meals ‑ Authorization
15-10-40 Long‑term lease and leaseback transaction revenue
15-10-41 Centers of excellence
15-10-42 Faculty ‑ English pronunciation ‑ Policy ‑ Report
15-10-43 Veterinary medical education program ‑ Kansas state university ‑ Contract
15-10-44 Higher education information technology ‑ Board duties ‑ Reports
15-10-44.1 Required use of electronic mail, file server administration, database administration, application server, and hosting services
15-10-44.2 Audits of computer systems - Penalty
15-10-45 Telecommunications and information services competition prohibited ‑ Report
15-10-46 University of North Dakota fighting Sioux nickname and logo
15-10-46.1 University of North Dakota athletic nickname and logo
15-10-47 Construction projects at institutions of higher education ‑ Variance reports
15-10-48 Advancement of academics ‑ Matching grants ‑ University of North Dakota and North Dakota state university
15-10-49 Advancement of academics ‑ Matching grants ‑ Two‑year and four‑year institutions of higher education
15-10-50 Liability for pledged amount
15-10-51 Grant review committee
15-10-52 Grant review committee - Compensation
15-10-53 Definition
15-10-54 Assessment of institutions
15-10-55 Student journalists - Freedom of expression ‑ Civil remedy
15-10-56 Disciplinary proceedings - Right to counsel for students and organizations - Appeals
15-10-57 Unified workforce, vocational, and technical education program system
15-10-58 Workforce education advisory council - Membership - Duties
15-10-59 Annual report - Scholarships
15-10-60 Scholarship endowment fund - Rules
15-10-61 Dual-credit courses ‑ Pilot program
15-10-62 Nickel trophy
15-10-63 Capital project and capital lease requests - Maintenance reserve account

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