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Chapter 14-10

Section Section Name
14-10-00.1 Presumption of age
14-10-01 Minors defined
14-10-02 Adults defined
14-10-03 Minor or person of unsound mind liable for wrongs
14-10-04 Minor's rights of action
14-10-05 Assignment of children prohibited ‑ Penalty
14-10-06 Unlawful to encourage or contribute to the deprivation or delinquency of minor ‑ Penalty
14-10-07 Marriage of minors under supervision of juvenile court may be annulled ‑ Penalty
14-10-08 Person to whom child confided substituting other child ‑ Penalty
14-10-09 Minor's disability to delegate power and to contract relating to real property
14-10-10 Contracts of minor
14-10-11 Minor's contracts ‑ Disaffirmation
14-10-12 Minor cannot disaffirm contracts for necessaries
14-10-13 Minor may not disaffirm statutory contracts
14-10-14 Undertaking by minors for release on bail
14-10-15 Unborn child ‑ When deemed existing person
14-10-16 Identification cards ‑ Application ‑ Misrepresentation of age ‑ Falsifying cards ‑ Penalty
14-10-17 Minors ‑ Treatment for sexually transmitted disease ‑ Substance use disorder
14-10-17.1 Minor's emergency care
14-10-18 Blood donations by minors
14-10-18.1 Blood donation ‑ Minors
14-10-19 Minor's consent for prenatal care and other pregnancy care services

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