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Chapter 14-09.4

Uniform Nonparent Custody and Visitation Act
Section Section Name
14-09.4-01 Definitions
14-09.4-02 Scope
14-09.4-03 Requirements for order of custody or visitation
14-09.4-04 Presumption for parental decision
14-09.4-05 Commencement of proceeding ‑ Jurisdiction
14-09.4-06 Verified petition
14-09.4-07 Sufficiency of petition
14-09.4-08 Notice
14-09.4-09 Appointment ‑ Interview of child ‑ Court services ‑ Limitation
14-09.4-10 Emergency order
14-09.4-11 Best interest of child
14-09.4-12 Presumption arising from child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking
14-09.4-13 Order of custody or visitation
14-09.4-14 Modification of custody or visitation
14-09.4-15 Findings of fact and conclusions of law
14-09.4-16 Effect of adoption of child by stepparent or other relative
14-09.4-17 Expense of facilitating visitation
14-09.4-18 Law governing child support
14-09.4-19 Equitable right or remedy
14-09.4-20 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act

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