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Chapter 14-07

Husband and Wife
Section Section Name
14-07-01 Mutual obligations
14-07-02 Head of family
14-07-03 Duty to support
14-07-04 Separate property ‑ Rights and privileges
14-07-05 Rights and liabilities of married person
14-07-06 Contracts between husband and wife and third persons as to property
14-07-07 Contracts to alter marital relations
14-07-08 Separate and mutual rights and liabilities of husband and wife
14-07-09 Curtesy and dower extinguished
14-07-10 Mutual liability for necessaries
14-07-11 Spouse liable for support ‑ Exception
14-07-12 Transfer of property when abandoned or imprisoned
14-07-13 Contracts made under power given by court binding on both parties
14-07-14 When order for transfer may be set aside
14-07-15 Abandonment or nonsupport of child ‑ Penalty
14-07-16 Abandonment or nonsupport of spouse ‑ Penalty
14-07-17 Presumption of intent to abandon
14-07-18 Penalty for abandonment and nonsupport
14-07-19 Bond may be given in lieu of punishment
14-07-20 Conditions of bond
14-07-21 Violation of conditions of bond ‑ Who may sue on breach
14-07-22 Evidence required to prove relationship

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