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Chapter 14-02.4

Human Rights
Section Section Name
14-02.4-01 State policy against discrimination
14-02.4-02 Definitions
14-02.4-03 Employer's discriminatory practices
14-02.4-04 Employment agency's discriminatory practices
14-02.4-05 Labor organization's discriminatory practices
14-02.4-06 Certain employment advertising deemed discriminatory
14-02.4-07 Requiring security clearance not discriminatory
14-02.4-08 Qualification based on religion, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or marital status
14-02.4-09 Seniority, merit, or other measuring systems and ability tests not discriminatory
14-02.4-10 Employment of individual ‑ Exceptions ‑ Physical examination ‑ Investigation of medical history
14-02.4-11 Rights of veterans
14-02.4-12 Discriminatory housing practices by owner or agent
14-02.4-12.1 Discriminatory housing practices
14-02.4-13 Discriminatory housing practice by financial institution or lender
14-02.4-14 Public accommodations ‑ Discriminatory practices
14-02.4-15 Public services ‑ Discriminatory practices
14-02.4-15.1 Discrimination in governmental contracts and programs prohibited
14-02.4-16 Advertising public accommodations or services ‑ Discriminatory practices ‑ Exceptions
14-02.4-17 Credit transactions ‑ Discriminatory practices
14-02.4-18 Retaliation prohibited
14-02.4-19 Actions ‑ Limitations
14-02.4-20 Relief
14-02.4-21 Records exempt
14-02.4-22 Duties and powers of department
14-02.4-23 Complaints ‑ Probable cause ‑ Administrative hearing

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