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Chapter 14-02.1

Abortion Control Act
Section Section Name
14-02.1-01 Purpose
14-02.1-02 Definitions
14-02.1-02.1 Printed information ‑ Referral service
14-02.1-02.2 Abortion report form
14-02.1-03 Consent to abortion ‑ Notification requirements
14-02.1-03.1 Parental consent or judicial authorization for abortion of unmarried minor ‑ Statement of intent
14-02.1-03.2 Civil damages for performance of abortions without informed consent
14-02.1-03.3 Privacy of woman upon whom an abortion is performed or attempted
14-02.1-03.4 Required notice at abortion facility
14-02.1-03.5 Abortion-inducing drugs
14-02.1-04 Limitations on the performance of abortions ‑ Penalty
14-02.1-04.1 Prohibition - Sex-selective abortion - Abortion for genetic abnormality - Penalty
14-02.1-04.2 Prohibition on human dismemberment abortion ‑ Penalty (Contingent effective date - See note)
14-02.1-05 Preserving life of a viable child ‑ Penalty
14-02.1-05.1 Determination of detectable heartbeat in unborn child before abortion - Exception
14-02.1-05.2 Abortion after detectable heartbeat in unborn child prohibited - Exception - Penalty
14-02.1-05.3 Determination of postfertilization age ‑ Abortion of unborn child of twenty or more weeks postfertilization age prohibited
14-02.1-06 Soliciting abortions
14-02.1-07 Records required ‑ Reporting of practice of abortion
14-02.1-07.1 Forms
14-02.1-08 Protection of infant born alive ‑ Penalty
14-02.1-09 Humane disposal of nonviable unborn child
14-02.1-10 Concealing stillbirth or death of infant ‑ Penalty
14-02.1-11 General penalty
14-02.1-12 Short title

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