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Chapter 12.1-41

Uniform Act on Prevention of and Remedies for Human Trafficking
Section Section Name
12.1-41-01 Definitions
12.1-41-02 Trafficking an individual
12.1-41-03 Forced labor
12.1-41-04 Sexual servitude
12.1-41-05 Patronizing a victim of sexual servitude
12.1-41-06 Patronizing a minor for commercial sexual activity
12.1-41-07 Business entity liability
12.1-41-08 Aggravating circumstance
12.1-41-09 Restitution
12.1-41-10 Victim confidentiality
12.1-41-11 Past sexual behavior of victim
12.1-41-12 Immunity of minor
12.1-41-13 Affirmative defense of victim
12.1-41-14 Motion to vacate and seal conviction
12.1-41-15 Civil action
12.1-41-16 Display of public-awareness sign
12.1-41-17 Eligibility for benefit or service
12.1-41-18 Law enforcement protocol
12.1-41-19 Grant to or contract with service provider
12.1-41-20 Use of public funds for abortions prohibited
12.1-41-21 Forced or coerced abortion

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