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Chapter 12.1-31

Miscellaneous Offenses
Section Section Name
12.1-31-01 Disorderly conduct
12.1-31-01.1 Disorderly conduct at a funeral ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-01.2 Sexual assault restraining order ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-02 Engaging in or financing criminal usury business
12.1-31-03 Sale of tobacco, electronic smoking devices, or alternative nicotine products to minors and use by minors prohibited
12.1-31-03.1 Vending machines prohibited ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-03.2 Child‑resistant packaging for liquid nicotine containers (Contingent expiration date ‑ See note)
12.1-31-03.3 Sale of flavored e‑liquid to minors prohibited ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-04 Manufacture, sale, or delivery of paraphernalia ‑ Definitions ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-05 Child procurement ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-06 Volatile chemicals ‑ Inhalation of vapors prohibited ‑ Definitions ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-07 Endangering an eligible adult ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-07.1 Exploitation of an eligible adult ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-07.2 Criminal proceeding involving an eligible adult ‑ Speedy trial
12.1-31-08 Possession or distribution of certain photographs or other visual representations prohibited ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-09 Fraudulent use of receipts and universal product code labels prohibited ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-10 Sale of bidis prohibited ‑ Penalty
12.1-31-11 False representation of marital status
12.1-31-12 Abortion ‑ Affirmative defenses (Contingent effective date ‑ See note)
12.1-31-13 Tattooing, branding, subdermal implants, scarifying, and piercing ‑ Minors
12.1-31-14 Surreptitious intrusion or interference with privacy
12.1-31-15 Wearing of masks during commission of criminal offense prohibited

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